Priming, 2-3 base colors, gradients - airbrush-only basic paintjob. Ideal for those who want a smooth, even basecoat on vehicles or bulk infantry.

Rough cost estimate: Half of the miniature’s store value. Price can be lowered on bulk deals. Min. 30 infantry.


All of the above, shaded and highlighted (1-2 highlights), details (belts, bags, purity seals) painted.

Rough cost estimate: 2 times the miniature’s store value for large models. Pricing on infantry and characters is usually higher, depending on how intricate the miniatures in question are.


All of the above, additional highlights (usually one base color with 2-3 highlights), additional details, eyes, etc.

Rough cost estimate: 3 times the miniature’s store value for large models. Cost can vary depending on grade of detail.


Anything above High Tabletop-standard, intricate wet-blending and freehands for example. Note: single miniature commissions only due to time constraints.

Rough cost estimate: 4-5 times the miniature’s store value - min. 100 € for infantry character models.



The cost estimates for the painting levels do not include purchase and assembly for the miniatures in question. This option includes purchase, assembly (using plastic or superglue), gap-filling (with greenstuff) and filing/removing casting lines. Drilling and pinning included for resin models.

Cost: Retail value of the miniature + 10-30 € per box, depending on the miniatures’ intricacy and ease of assembly.


Cost: approx. 10-30 € per 10 infantry - custom scenic bases may cost significantly more.

10 € - simple sand/gravel/slate base or texture paint
20 € - forest or jungle base with lots of foilage
30 € - lava base with glow effect


These range from sprayed marble-effects to chipping, rust, grime, dust, blood and gore, oil and other general weathering techniques. Note: no non-metallic metals (yet).

Cost: varies on the extent of the effects.


For those who want to skip some of the long queue, this option ensures their commission gets priority and I’ll do my best to finish it until the end of the next month (for larger commissions).

Cost: 25% markup on the commission fee.

Extra Shipping

Basic insured shipping costs of 5 € within Germany are included in the commission fees listed above. International shipping can cost significantly more - any shipping costs above 5 € are paid for by the commissioner.