Please note:
1. The minimum commission fee is 75 €.
2. 50% of the total commission fee needs to be paid in advance for insurance purposes and to cover expenses (paint, brushes, basing material, packaging and delivery costs, etc.) associated with the commission.
3. All miniature purchases need to be paid in advance.
4. For safety reasons, all purchases will be delivered in appropriate Citadel carriage cases unless specified otherwise by the buyer.

The first thing you should do is contact me via E-Mail at to inform me about the details of your commission - which miniatures you’d like me to purchase and paint, the color scheme and painting level, basing and delivery specifications, etc. I will then get back to you with the queue position, estimated timeframe of completion and an offer which also lists the initial deposit required. The offer will include all avaliable promotions, such as holiday or opening specials aswell. Once the offer is accepted and the initial payment is made, I’ll begin working on the commission as my schedule allows. For longer projects, an optional rebriefing is scheduled to make sure everything is progressing as planned and the work meets your expectations, based on pictures taken of the incomplete job. Once the commission is finished, I will send an invoice and pictures of the finished product to you - the product will be delivered upon me receiving payment.


While I try to run a tight schedule, there’s only so many commissions that I can realistically take. In case the waiting period seems too long, use the “Express” option to shorten queue times.
The following guidelines are written up with “Tabletop Standard” or higher quality in mind. Picking the “Express” option cuts these times down significantly.

10 man infantry squad: up to 1 week, depending on grade of detail.

Single character: min. 1 week.

Single large miniature (ex. vehicle, monster etc.): 1-2 weeks, depending on size.

Single display piece (ex. superheavy or Primarch): min. 1 month.